Lézard de tonnerre

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Lézard de tonnerre
Creature information
Type Dinosaur
Homeworld Farhome
Environment Jungle
Average mass  ???
Average length  ???
Average height ca. 10 meters
Creature stats
System  ???

Referred to as lézard de tonnerre by the primitive neolithic humans living on Farhome as of 2989, this predator is one of several species of lézards known to live the jungle on the world's northern continent.


The lézard de tonnerre was described as standing taller than five (human) warriors standing on each other's shoulders, and to have teeth longer than a woman's leg bones. It can run on two legs faster than a man and is essentially impossible to kill with the primitive spears employed by the descendants of the settlers of Farhome. It is perceived as a aggressive and lethal predator, easily capable of killing a human warrior.