Light Environment Suit


The Light Environment Suit is the most common type of environment suit used in the Inner Sphere. Designed for use in standard and low-pressure atmospheres, these suits are are airtight against any chemical or biological agent, flexible enough to allow for a full range of motion thanks to the use of resilient polymers, and allow an unobstructed field of view from their polarized faceplates. An external air supply, either a portable tank or connection to a ship's life-support system, is necessary for the suit to function. The suit also operates on the positive pressure system, whereby if the suit is compromised air will flow out rather than in, preventing the ingress of contaminants.[1]

Light environment suits can be worn over standard clothing, though commonly only light garments are worn to prevent overheating. They are also destroyed following operations in areas hit with biological weapons in order to prevent accidental contamination.[1]


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