Lion City Stables

Lion City Stables
Colors/Badge blue, green and white
Stable Profile
Experience Elite
Rating B
Faction Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Units Used
BattleMechs 18 (3054)
17 (3067)


The stable is openminded and treats its MechWarriors with respect.


Lion City Stables had been on a success route when for unknown reasons (though gossip says some other Stable wants to take them out of business) struck them on 3051. The stable decided to increase security with additional guards and even resorting to the usage of undercover agents to pin point his hidden enemy. The Stable is also contracting any good MechWarrior who wants to fight for them.[1]

With the change in the ownership former fans and supporter shift their influence behind the Lynch-stable.[citation needed]

Stable Master and Owner[edit]

  • Vernon Singh lead the stable after his father loses the ownership in a fight. He is friendly, easy-going and inclined to give good contract terms.[1]
  • Nichole Singh, daughter of Vernon.[2]

Notable Personnel[edit]


  • Jack Gordon has a past as a former mercenary. As instructor of the stable he has high standards.[1]


In 3051 19 Mechwarriors were fighting for Lion City Stables.[1]

Known Mechwarriors[edit]

Tactics and Style[edit]

The facility have also the named 'Lion City' west of Solaris City, which has all equipment necessary to train and repair. The struck of bad luck in 3051 has forced the stable to reduce maintenance expenses and it might end up affecting performance.[1]


Game Notes[edit]


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