List of JumpShips

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This is a list of JumpShips and their transport properties.

Mind that designs introduced by the Clans would not be known in the Inner Sphere prior to the Clan Invasion of 3050, and would typically not be available outside of the Clans. Similarly, the Clans would not have access to JumpShips newly designed in the Inner Sphere after 2784 until a long time after the Clan Invasion.

Designs introduced during the Star League era are equally available to all parties in theory at least, though the Clan versions of these venerable vessels tend to be of a slightly higher tech level (while having the exact same game stats).

Name Year of Introduction Introduced by Tonnage Hardpoints Lithium-Fusion Battery Notes
Chimeisho 3056 Draconis Combine 245,000 2 Yes
Comitatus 2995 Clans 250,000 1 No Earliest (flawed) version had 4 hardpoints, later downgraded to 2 and finally to 1 plus fighter bays
Explorer 2703 Star League 50,000 0 No Some (very few) equipped with mobile HPG from 2780 onwards
Hunter 2832 Clans 95,000 1 No (Yes for upgraded version after 2948)
Invader 2631 Star League 152,000 3 No
Liberty 2461 Star League 203,000 4 No
Leviathan 2468 Star League 410,000 8 No
Magellan 2960 ComStar 175,000 1 Yes Equipped with mobile HPG. Exclusively built for ComStar Explorer Corps. Loss of vessel was preferred over it falling into non-ComStar hands until at least 3052.
Magellan MkII prior to 3130  ??? 175,000 (inferred) 1 (inferred)  ??? Subvariant of the Magellan. One such vessel operated by Spirit Cats in the Dark Age era.
Merchant 2503 Star League 120,000 2 (at least two named vessels modified to possess 3 hardpoints) No
Monolith 2776 Star League 430,000 9 No
Odyssey 2887 Clan 345,000 4 Yes
Quetzalcoatl 2876 Capellan Confederation 90,000 0 No Fighter carrier, designed off the Scout class
Royalty 2695 Rim Worlds Republic 210,000 4 No Apocryphal design, illegal under current construction rules. Arguably a WarShip.
Scout 2712 Star League 90,000 1 No
Star Lord 2590 Star League 274,000 6 No
Tramp 2754 Star League 250,000 3 (rumors of Clan vessels with 4 hardpoints) No (Yes for refit available after 2755)
Uma pre-3059  ???  ???  ???  ??? Only 1 such vessel ever mentioned

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