List of Minor Media

This summary article lists minor holovid and printed media from the BattleTech universe, sorted alphabetically. Rather than referring to popularity or notoriety of media, for the purpose of this list, any media is considered "minor" if insufficient information about it is available in canonical sources to warrant its own article, and/or if it was only mentioned on the sidelines. Finally, this list can be used as a stopgap to collect data on a holovid show or book until enough information was published to warrant the creation of a fully-fledged article instead.

Azami Warriors IV[edit]

A vid sensation, Azami Warriors IV was an action show that utilized the Saladin Assault Hover Tank, which the show's characters described as "moves fast and blow [things] up!"[1]

The Bergman Raid[edit]

A best-selling holovid based on the exploits of Michael Bergman, one of the survivors from a high-risk false-flag Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces raid against Draconis Combine-held Kirchbach in 3025. Flying a squadron of MechBusters painted in Combine livery, lack of fuel forced Bergman and his fellow wingmates to land at a militia controlled landing strip, their Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery paint jobs and Combine style flight suits convincing the militia ground crew they were Combine reinforcements, promptly refueling and resupplying Bergman's wing and allowing them to leave without incident.[2]

The Duty of Honor[edit]

A smash-hit Draconis Combine holovid miniseries first released in the summer of 3069, The Duty of Honor was a fictionalized retelling of the real-life Yoninisuu Kage Draconis Elite Strike Teams squad's successful rescue of Heir-designate Hohiro Kurita's from a Word of Blake prison camp on Dieron on 4th January 3069.[3]

Minor Major[edit]

Produced by the Andurien Broadcasting Corporation in 3017, Minor Major was a comedy holoplay involving a band of mercenaries who conformed to the worst cliches of the profession, caring more about money than causalities and with exceedingly loose loyalty to their employer. [4] [5]

Rough Riders[edit]

Spawned by the increasing "Wild West" ethos that took hold in the Periphery following the collapse of the Star League, Rough Riders was a popular holovid series on Erod's Escape that centered around BattleMech riding Errants seeking to protect colonial settlers from the perennial scourge of pirate raiders. [6]

Under Cover[edit]

Its first episode aired in January 2754, Under Cover chronicled the exploits of five female Magistracy of Canopus secret agents masquerading as Canopian pleasure-circus employees. Consistently landing within the top five most popular holovid shows during its eleven-year run, the show and its tag line of "Taking down the Star League - one big shot at a time" reflected the increasing revolt against the Star League within its notional Territorial States in the decades prior to the Amaris Coup. [7]


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