Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Merchant


The Liu was a Merchant-class JumpShip operating as a merchant vessel. As of 3058 it was known for routinely carrying cargo DropShips with food from Kaifeng to nearby systems.[1]

On 10 July 3058 the Liu, since acquired by Warrior House Hiritsu, came under attack in the Sakhalin system and made an emergency jump to the Kaifeng zenith jump point without furling its jump sail. It arrived with visible battle damage and a shredded jump sail, and without its DropShips. However, this was actually a ruse. The attack had been staged, and the damage was only superficial. House Hiritsu used the alleged battle damage as a pretext to dock with the Olympus-class recharge station Jodo Shinsa at the Kaifeng jump point and capture it, the first step in the Capellan Confederation's conquest of the Kaifeng system.[2]


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