Look-Down Radar


Look-Down Radar is a piece of satellite imaging equipment that can also be mounted on aircraft, such as Clan Spectre-class surveillance planes. It uses radio wave emissions to map local topography and locate targets. While unaffected by ground clutter, this reliance on radio waves makes it vulnerable to ECM and other forms of jamming, limiting its general use.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

Look-Down Radar provides its bonuses only if the local weather over the target battlefield is clear, foggy, overcast, cloudy, rainy, snowy or vacuum. This item then provides a +1 initiative modifier for the friendly receiving unit’s force as long as the connection is maintained. Furthermore, if Look-Down Radar is accessed during the Weapon Attack Phase of the first turn of game play (or prior to the start of play), it also forces the controlling player of any hostile units to roll 2D6 for each hidden unit on the battlefield, revealing any non-infantry unit on a result of 8+ unless the unit mounts an active ECM, Null Signature System, Void Signature System, or Stealth Armor of any kind (excepting visual camouflage systems). Infantry units and units located underwater, within heavy or ultra-heavy woods or jungle hexes, within a building or underground are also immune to Look-Down Radar detection.[1]


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