Loren Jaffray

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Loren Jaffary
Born: 3025
Died: unknown
Affiliation Capellan Confederation, Northwind Highlanders
Death Commandos, MechWarrior

A Major of the Northwind Highlanders, Loren Jaffray was born in 3025 in the Capellan Confederation [1] , the grandson of one of the Highlanders who remained there after the reclamation of Northwind [2]. Jaffray was a member of the elite Death Commandos [3], but eventually joined the Highlanders [4].

Family History[edit]

Jaffray descended from a military family tradition. His grandfather, Corwin Jaffray, served in McCormack's Fusiliers, serving with distinction, and did not want to break with House Liao [5], when the Highlanders relocated back to Northwind after joining with Hanse Davion in 3028 during the Fourth Succession War[6]. Jaffray’s father served Romano Liao, as a Death Commando [7].

Early Career[edit]

Loren Jaffray was a Major, in the elite Death Commandos. He was loyal as all Death Commando’s are to the Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation, who at the time was Sun-Tzu Liao. Most of this time period would be classified as state secrets.

Mission to Northwind[edit]

Sun-Tzu Liao gave Jaffray a mission, go to Northwind, carry a message for him: offer support for an independent Northwind and free the Highlanders from Prince Victor Steiner-Davion [8]. His real mission was to remove Northwind from the Federated Commonwealth, and neutralize the Highlander regiments. Death Commandos would be waiting for his go-no go signal as he was the only agent on Northwind [9]. He was to accomplish his mission by any means necessary, which meant his life or honor meant nothing [10]


Jaffray while on Northwind becomes a central figure in the brief Northwind Conflict for Independence. Jaffray delivers his message to The Northwind Highlander’s of MacLeod's Regiment, who voted to recall The Assembly of Warriors at a Warrior’s Cabel [11] this was so that the full assembly could vote on Jaffray’s proposal. This caused a division in the ranks of Highlander’s. A trial of honor ensued and the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth got involved as a group of the Consul Guards, along with 3rd Royal Guards , and eventually the1st NAIS Cadet Cadre [12] they battled until Jaffray helped to win the conflict. In helping Mcleod’s forces win Jaffray realized that he was in a no-win scenario and sacrificed his honor to achieve a partial success. He accomplished the goal of taking Northwind out of the Federated Commonwealth, also he severed the relationship between the Highlanders and Prince Victor Steiner-Davion [13]. Jaffray was then offered the opputunity to join the Highlanders [14].

Stirling’s Fusliers[edit]

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Jaffray was appointed to serve as Colonel “Cat” Stirling’s executive officer. He began training the Fusiliers by first revamping the training setup. He emphasized all areas of training like hand to hand combat, demolitions, survival, technical [15]. He wanted them to be well trained to fight the Clans. After 8 months of this training, the Highlanders received a visit from Omi Kurita who ushered in a contract offer to fight the Clan Smoke Jaguar on Wayside V [16].

Northwind Hussars[edit]

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