Lucas Hoffman

Lucas Hoffman
Affiliation Lyran Alliance
Leftenant General


Lucas Hoffman (Born ???? - Died ????) was an officer within the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces. In 3077 Hoffman was a Leftenant General and the Commanding Officer of the 19th Arcturan Guards. Hoffman outraged Draconis Combine citizens following his actions during the liberation of Styx during Operation SCOUR. The Styx Protectorate Militia had successfully ambushed the 1st New Ivaarsen Chasseurs as the Chasseurs attempted to reclaim salvage from the site of a battle between Word of Blake forces and the 2nd Dieron Regulars.[1]

The damage inflicted on the Chasseurs is credited with provoking an enraged response from Hoffman and a resolution to drive home an aggressive attack on the Protectorate Militia; the attack involved striking at the main Protectorate Militia base, which was located in the capital city. The attack began with two tactical nukes detonated as airbursts over the base, attacks which killed upwards of 15,000 civilians. When challenged, Hoffman famously declared that "They're just Dracs; nobody important." Hoffman's words were soon carried by various media outlets, including an OpEd by Ariel Blonday of the Styx Drake, which was highly critical of both Hoffman's actions and the leadership of the allied coalition.[1]


Lucas Hoffman piloted a Barghest when commanding the 19th Arcturan Guard on Styx.[1]


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