Lucien Davion (Individual WarShip)

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Lucien Davion
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Type WarShip


Reunification War[edit]

In 2577 the FSS Lucien Davion was the flagship of Federated Suns Admiral Sarah Vincent and the command vessel of Task Force Four. Task Force Four represented more than half of the total WarShip fleet of the Federated Suns at this point; Admiral Vincent assumed command of the Task Force on the 7th of August 2577, and on the 28th of September 2577 the Task Force was ordered to attack the Tentativa system.[1]

Military intelligence received by the Federated Suns had led the AFFS to believe that Tentativa was a weak and easily taken, and Task Force Four seized the system quickly. Admiral Vincent then took Task Force Four to the Pierce system, quickly capturing that system as well. Unbeknownst to both the Federated Suns intelligence agencies and Admiral Pierce, the Task Force was being observed by Taurian Concordat forces and false operations launched by the Taurians in the Pierce and Caldwell systems were intended to lure the Federated Suns navy into just such actions. The Taurian navy launched a counterattack in the Panpour system, inflicting heavy damage on the Federated Suns naval forces there, before jumping into the Tentativa system. There, the Taurian forces lay in wait in various points around the system, and when Task Force Four jumped back into the Tentativa system, split between the zenith and nadir jump points, the Taurians launched an ambush.[1]

Admiral Vincent led the FSS Lucien Davion and a substantial force from the half of Task Force Four that had arrived at the zenith point to investigate what it believed was a Taurian squadron in orbit above the fifth planet in the system; that squadron was actually just a single vessel transmitting a lot of electronic chatter intended to simulate a squadron, and the Taurian navy jumped three squadrons into the zenith jump point to ambush the remaining Federated Suns forces there. The resulting engagement saw all of the Federated Suns ships destroyed or captured. When Admiral Vincent became aware of what had happened, she immediately ordered her force to return to the zenith jump point to attack the Taurians, only to find themselves being ambushed by even more Taurian forces. The Taurian commanding officer, Marshal David Santos, had deployed a third of the total Taurian navy as a part of the elaborate ambush, part of a plan using the codename Case AMBER. Outnumbered two-to-one, Admiral Vincent's forces attempted to break through the Taurian forces to meet up with the elements of Task Force Four at the nadir jump point, but only four ships managed to escape. The FSS Lucien Davion was destroyed with all hands during this battle.[1]


  • The class of the Lucien Davion isn't confirmed in Historical: Reunification War; however, a listing of the ships by class that were involved in Case AMBER was provided.[2] From this list, it would appear that the Lucien Davion must have been a WarShip from one of the following classes:


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