Lyran 2nd Armored Brigade

Lyran 2nd Armored Brigade
Unit Profile (as of 3028)
Nickname Steel Lightning
Parent Formation LCAF
Formed unknown

Unit Description[edit]

The Lyran 2nd Armored Brigade is a Combat Vehicle oriented combined arms formation employed by the Lyran Commonwealth.



While assigned to Poulsbo in 3028, the unit was positioned in the city of Silverdale where it was to defend the Bangor Military base from an incoming Marik raid. The Brigade was placed in the city, while the 1st Regulan Hussars made their landings. Once elements of the Regulans entered town, the Brigade began its counter attack, leading the Lyran defenders. It then sent its VTOL Lance in flanking action on outskirts of the city, while elements of the Hussars retreated.

Among the 1st Regulan Hussars was the Rolling Thunder Company, which along with other units inflicted considerable amounts of damage against the Brigade and its elements while they retreated off planet.[1]



The unit is trained in urban tactics, where it uses its VTOL components to flank the enemy once it lures them into position.

Composition History[edit]


  • 1025th Heavy Infantry Company
    • Three SRM Infantry Platoons
    • One Laser Infantry Platoon
  • 312th Light Infantry Platoon
    • Four Rifle Infantry Platoons


The unit only appeared in the Rolling Thunder scenario pack book. It is not known if the unit continues to exist under a different name.


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