Lyran Offensive - FWL Front

The Lyran offensive was basically a major ruse to trick the FWLM in a more defensive stance. The Lyrans exploited the uncertainty of the Marik generals as well as Janos Marik himself. Consequent of the Tikonov Free Republic's invasion of several Marik planets in the Terran corridor and the destruction of the elite light 'Mechs of the Marik Guard on Callison, Lyran communications along the border skyrocketed and Lyran jumpships appeared as in a preparation for a major offensive. Upon hearing the news, the LCCC and Janos Marik himself panicked and ordered FWLM units to withdraw from several planets along the Terran corridor as well as recent captured Lyran planets to prevent their destruction in a joint offensive by Tikonov and Lyran forces.

Attackers:Hsien Hotheads
Defender:Marik Guard
Outcome:The planet's garrison, the elite Marik Guard, prepared to leave the planet in order to defend the Marik worlds in the Terran corridor from the invasion of the Tikonov Free Republic. In addition, several communication errors prevented that the Marik Guards were alerted in time. Subsequently, only three Marik fighters engaged the incoming Lyran ships. Furthermore, most of the Marik Guards were still on board of the Marik dropships and not to be unloaded easily. Only a bataillon of light 'Mechs and LAMs was able to engage the Lyran mercs, but their attacks were easily repulsed by the Hotheads' heavy 'Mechs and superior aerospace fighters. When the Hsien Hotheads approached the dropport, the commander of the Marik Guard had no choice but to surrender the planet and the stockpiles of valueable LAM parts to the Lyran forces.

In addition, Marcus, Zosma, Denebola, Castor, Devil's Rock, Oliver, Alula Australis, and Graham IV as well as all the Lyran worlds captured by House Marik during Operation Dagger were seized by Lyran forces after the withdrawal of the Marik units.