M-11J "Cloaking Device"


The M-11J "Cloaking Device" is an advanced sneak suit variant introduced shortly before the fall of the Star League. While normal sneak suits attempt to hide their wearer, the M-11J instead works to conceal almost any object hidden on the wearer's body from active scanning. At the time of its development the M-11J could defeat all known sensor devices.[1]

A skin-tight suit, the M-11J's onboard computer is able to intercept active scanning signals and fool the sensor device by means of passive and active techniques, usually before the scanner realizes the deception. In addition the suit includes several myomer-laced pockets which can be formed into any shape or size. Typically they attempt to disguise themselves and whatever objects carried as body fat, though they can also double as a corset to create (at some discomfort) additional space. A hidden external control module controls the size and shape of the pockets, while the suit's power supply and control components are woven into the three-dimensional mesh.[1]

ComStar's ROM branch believed that Jaime Wolf used an M-11J to disguise the swords of Minobu Tetsuhara so he could present them to Takashi Kurita at the wedding of Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner.[2][3]


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