Record Book Eight: Members Mechs I

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MFUK RS8.jpg
MFUK Record Sheets Eight
Product information
Type Record Sheets
Development Bob Nicholls
Primary writing Bob Nicholls
Pages 58
Illustrations N/A
Publication information
Publisher MechForce United Kingdom
First published 1997


MFUK Record Sheets Eight contains record sheets for 'Mech units created by members of MechForce United Kingdom, also included is a Battle Value (1.0) for each. It is the first of two volumes of member 'Mechs.


  • BattleMechs
Bloodhound BLD-6D
Bloodhound BLD-7D
Hounddog HND-5L
Pegasus PG-1S
Cheetah GTX-6P
Cheetah GTX-6Q
Eye Spy EY-1-5P
Eye Spy EY-2-5P
Bolt BT-3T
Bolt BT-4T-1K
Bolt BT-4TG
Kestrel KES-1-C
Kestrel KES-1D
Ryoken J
Sorcerer SCR-1B
Sorcerer SCR-2A
Sorcerer SCR-3A
Mad Cat H
Mad Cat I
Mad Cat J
Mad Cat K
Mad Cat RAC