MFUK Record Sheets Fourteen

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MFUK RS14.jpg
MFUK Record Sheets Fourteen
Product information
Type Record Sheets
Development MechForce Germany
Primary writing Bob Nicholls & Phil Johansson
Pages 45
Illustrations N/A
Publication information
Publisher MechForce United Kingdom
First published 1998


MFUK Record Sheets Fourteen contains record sheets for the 'Mech units created by members of MechForce Germany, also included is a Battle Value (1.0) for each.


  • BattleMechs
Mercury MCY-100
Commando COM-3H
Lightning LGN-1A
Falcon FLC-4N
Hussar HSR-600
Javelin JVN-11C
Javelin JVN-11D
Javelin JVN-11K
Panther PNT-12K
Rattlesnake P2 JR7-31
Venom SDR-10K
Vulcan VL-6M
Foxhound FOX-4N
Tomahawk THM-4F
Hunchback HBK-6A
Trebuchet IIC A1
Trebuchet IIC A2
Trebuchet IIC A3
Thunderstrike TDS-5S
Buccaneer BCN-3R
Thunderbird TRB-1D
Wolverine WVR-8K