MUSE Ironhorse

MUSE Ironhorse
Production information
Manufacturer B&W Enterprises
Use Command, Fire Support
Tech Base Clan (Experimental)
Chassis Type (Size) Rail (Large)
Equipment Rating
Introduced 3078[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 600 (Tractor), 600 (Trailer)
Speed 96
Top Speed 147
Power Plant Fusion
Fuel (Type/Range) Unlimited
Armament Tractor:


Heat Sinks 132 (tractor), 135 (trailer)
Armor BAR 10
Crew 31 (Tractor), 16 (Trailer)
BV (2.0) 7,269 (Tractor), 7,336 (Trailer)[2]


One of the products of Davion's MUSE programs, the MUSE Ironhorse was a rail-based support unit intended to provide massive firepower coupled with a command center for use in urban defense. The theory was that the Ironhorse would travel around a city or spaceport and provide artillery support and other fire support while simultaneously allowing a command staff to oversee the defense of the city. Unfortunately, the Ironhorse's need for rails insured that it would remain on a fixed track that an enemy could easily find and destroy. During one evaluation session, a pair of Stingers were sent to destroy the tracks both ahead and behind the train, trapping it in a two- kilometer stretch of track. The Ironhorse could reach speeds of up to 147km/h, but with nowhere to go, it was easily defeated.[3]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Powering the Ironhorse's Tractor is a 79.5 ton Fusion Engine giving the large vehicle the ability to reach a maximum speed (without the trailer) of 140 kilometers per hour. The Trailer depends on power from the Tractor to be able power its own systems. Both Tractor and Trailer are fitted with 16 tons of BAR 10 Rated Commerical Armor, allowing them to withstand damage typically endured by regular combat units.

The Ironhorse tractor was armed with six Clan-spec ER PPCs, five Plasma Cannon, a pair of LRM-15s and a Thumper Artillery Piece. Protected by ten tons of armor, the tractor also carried ten tons of Communications Equipment for command duties. Each MUSE Ironhorse trailer was also protected by ten tons of armor and carried an Arrow IV artillery missile system, as well as four ER PPCs, four Large Pulse Lasers, and four Plasma Cannon.[3]


The Tractor unit could carry just under forty tons of cargo, while each trailer carried one hundred sixty nine tons of cargo.[3]


No variants of the Ironhorse were built.


While both units are fitted with Armored Chassis modification, the trailer is fitted with Trailer Chassis modifications while the tractor has Tractor chassis modifications. The Equipment Ratings for both Tractor and Trailers are; F/X-X-F

The image of the Ironhorse was originally used for "St. Bernard Express Military Train", featured in Technical Readout: Vehicle Annex.

Design Quirks[edit]

The MUSE Ironhorse is subject to the following Design Quirks:[3]