Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Invader

The Invader-class JumpShip Macbeth brought the 22nd Skye Rangers (carried aboard three Overlord-class DropShips) to a pirate jump point on the rim of the Hesperus system on 15 June 3065.

Some twenty hours after the IR spike of the Macbeth's arrival was registered on Hesperus II, the Durant, a Union-class DropShip, arrived at the pirate jump point to scan for possible intruders but failed to detect anything. The Overlords had moved to the large rocky moon Hesperus V Gamma to hide there, but as a JumpShip the Macbeth would not have been able to move away from the Jump Point under its own power. This suggests it was apparently modified to carry a Lithium-Fusion Battery.[1]


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