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'Mafia, Criminal Organization that operates on multiple worlds. As their forefathers they do their business as usal and protect their family. [1]


Often found in the former Fedcom and the FWL provinces, but can found elsewhere.


=> drug trafficking
=> gambling
=> prostitution
=> racketeering
=> smuggling


  • Il Capo de Capo => patriach/leader
Leader of the family
  • capos => chiefs/captains
Responsible fo the different departments
  • Lieutenants
  • Thugs
These guys enforce the will of the family.
The elite soldiers for the hardest cases.
The special delevery service for all purposes.
All others with value to the family.


The clans act from the shadows and do everything to below the radar of the law enforcement. If two or more groups collidate over some territory a meeting will held up. In cases of a external danger they developed several stages. First they send a message, when it is ignored the hitman/leutnant must 'talk' to the person again and as the last step this induvium cheased to exist.


Low Level[edit]

Normal peopel interact with the foot soldiers od the clan for hired force or as transporter with a price.

Medium Level[edit]

At this level the higher ranks get in to the play. The Mafia invest huge resources in such cases. Failure on both sides have grave consequences.

High Level[edit]

With such connections the Family leader controls the business personal. The entire organization is involved.


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