Magellan (Individual K-1-class DropShuttle)

Vessel Profile
Type Small Craft
Class K-1 (modified)

The Magellan DropShuttle was a customized[1] K-1-class Small Craft. As of 3067 it was operated by Dr. Brooklyn Stevens and her team operating from the JumpShip Sacajawea. This implies that the Magellan, like the groups' other vessels, had previously belonged to Interstellar Expeditions.

It was the Magellan that brought the researchers to the surface of re-discovered Jardine, but despite approaching from a pirate jump point and operating under strict EMCON the DropShuttle was detected by a sentry satellite.[2] It was then attacked by BlackWasp drone fighters. Since these attackers were ill-equipped for atmospheric combat the Magellan escaped into Jardine's atmosphere, only to be attacked by Hammerhead fighters there. The Magellan crashlanded in the Jardine jungles. Its hull was scorched and broken, and three of its four landing legs were twisted, amounting to a total loss.[1]

The Magellan was carrying a 40-ton AM-PRM-RH7 Rock Possum WorkMech (with a SRM-4 launcher, suggesting it may have been restored to the original Rock Hound specs) when it crashed on Jardine. This 'Mech was salvaged from the wreckage, by using its mining drill to force open the bay door. It remains unclear from the context if the 'Mech was carried as cargo, or if the Magellan had been modified to feature a proper 'Mech bay.


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