Man-TLE is a shadowy manufacturer of bootleg and addictive holo-environments.


The company's CEO in 3025 was Raoul Duke.[1]


Founded around 3020, the mysterious Man-TLE sprung up as a manufacturer of True Life Experiences, bootleg and low-grade knockoffs of Kensai Holographiks' Recreational Hologram Environments. The company's TLEs differ from Kensai's RHEs for their inclusion of the narcotic substance known as "Can-Do", which when burned when viewing the holo heightens its sensory impacts. This makes TLEs highly addictive, producing notable instances of deep suicidal depression in heavy users deprived viewing them.[1]

Despite the Free Worlds League Parliament declaring the sale of TLEs illegal, drawing both investigations from SAFE and ROM, sales expanded at a rapid pace. What little is known is that the company's production facility or main distribution center was located toward the rimward edge of the League-Lyran Commonwealth border, possibly even in Lyran space, and the primitive production values seem to rule out a mainstream holo producer such as Kensai. The company's only "spokesman" was a man claiming the name Raoul Duke, a tall imposing figure with a shaved head and dark glasses who made occasional appearances on pirate satellite broadcasts emanating from such League worlds as Stewart, McAffe and Megrez.[1]

Rumors insist the Duke is in fact Patrick Rjak, a high-ranking member of the Way of Arme, the company's efforts both funding the religious cult as well as providing a means of trying to spread the nihilistic decline that made people susceptible to joining the Way.[1]


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