Marco Moliotti

Marco Moliotti

Marco Moliotti was the 2815 to 2818 Solaris Games Grand Champion.[1]

History & Tactics[edit]

Marco Moliotti was a model for gallant and honorable 'Mech combat for centuries to come. He combined fierce competitiveness with a deep reverence for BattleMechs (never inflicted more damage than necessary) and their pilots (he never killed an opponent). He sponsored several new warriors, donated heavily to charities and treated his opponents with an impeccable sense of sportsmanship. He retired with honors in 2818, and even today, a bequest from Moliotti continues to fund an annual scholarship to the Lyran Commonwealth's prestigious Nagelring Military Academy.[2] His victory over Cabol Hirsch during Solaris VII Grand Tournament on 2815 is still remembered, as the press conference held after that fight. He defended the title for four years till deciding to retire.


He was piloting an Archer when he won his first Championship.[3]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Cabol Hirsch
Solaris VII Grand Tournament Champion
2815 to 2818

Succeeded by
Andrea Haskell


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