Marco Polo

Marco Polo
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Type JumpShip


Explorer Corps[edit]

The Marco Polo was a JumpShip of unspecified type in service with the Explorer Corps.

In 3058 it was tasked with charting a pre-planned route coreward of the Columbus facility when it failed to broadcast a pre-scheduled report. Fearing the ship may have had an accident, the Explorer Corps sought to hire a small mercenary unit for a reconnaisance mission to determine the fate of the Marco Polo.

In truth the Marco Polo had encountered a JàrnFòlk JumpShip some 150 light-years coreward of Columbus and followed an invitation to the JàrnFòlk homeworlds. The Marco Polo had left a communications buoy with a data file explaining the situation.[1]

Interstellar Expeditions[edit]

In 3090 Interstellar Expeditions, the successor organisation to the Explorer Corps, operated a JumpShip named the IES Marco Polo which may or may not be the same ship that had encountered the JàrnFòlk in 3058.

Under the command of Captain Bannon Jacobi, this Marco Polo made contact with the New Delphi Compact, with first contact being established with the Merchant-class JumpShip Robert Brewster, which was itself in service with the Customs Service of the New Delphi Compact. While the crew of the Robert Brewster were willing to inform the Marco Polo of the deadly threat posed by the virus present on the Compact worlds known as the Delphi Curse and gave Interstellar Expeditions permission to visit various Compact systems, the crew of the Robert Brewster were unwilling to meet with any of the expedition in person.[2]


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