Marcus Roland

Lord Marcus Roland.png
Marcus :roland
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth

Lord Marcus Roland was placed in charge of the occupation of Kentares IV during the FedCom Civil War.

Character History[edit]

Like many Lyran Alliance officials, Roland was completely loyal to Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion and was utterly ruthless against the Archon's political enemies. One of the top enemies on the Archon's personal hit list was Duke Eric Dresari, noble ruler of Kentares and one of the Archon's most vocal critics, who inspired his people to protest against the "usurper" sitting on the throne of New Avalon. Archon Katherine ordered Roland to Kentares to silence Dresari and put down the anti-Archon demonstrations, backed up by a combat command from the Fifth Donegal Guards.

After the commander of the Kentares militia was assassinated, Roland ordered the Fifth Donegal to arrest or execute every single Dresari loyalist and have Dresari and his family arrested. On November 28, 3062, Eric Dresari and his family were executed on Roland's orders. By February of 3063, he had almost 4,000 anti-Archon demonstrators arrested and imprisoned.

Shortly thereafter, Ian Dresari returned to Kentares to lead an anti-Steiner resistance force in a guerrilla war against the oppressors. In less than three months, Ian and his followers defeated all of Roland's forces.

Roland was killed aboard his personal DropShip by Ian Dresari and his team while they were retaking the Kentares IV Royal Palace from Steiner-occupation forces.