Marian's Folly

Marian's Folly
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Type DropShip


The Marian's Folly was a DropShip attached to the Invader-class JumpShip Scrimshaw Sailor in 3044 when the Scrimshaw Sailor was seized in a revolt conducted by the slaves it had been transporting between Alphard and Islington. The Marian's Folly was operating under a different name at that point in time, although the name it was using isn't recorded. The ringleader of the slave revolt, one Marcus, had the foresight to ensure that the Scrimshaw Sailor's navigator survived even though the bulk of the JumpShip and DropShip crews were killed during the uprising.[1]

Marcus had been a slave in service to a high-ranking member of the Marian Navy, during which time he had the opportunity to view a number of star charts dating back to the era of the Star League. Based on what he had observed, he had the idea of relocating the Scrimshaw Sailor and her newly-free human cargo to one of the abandoned colony worlds located in the region now known as the Canopian Ruins. The world that the Scrimshaw Sailor relocated to was the world previously known as Kleinwelt, which had been the site of a small mining operation based out of a single small settlement extracting precious metals but which had been abandoned by the Canopian government in 2788 following a rising tide of pirate attacks in the region and the discovery of sufficient quantities of the same metals suitable for supporting the Magistracy's diminished industrial base.[1]

The exploration company Interstellar Expeditions discovered that Kleinwelt had been recolonized in 3082, the new inhabitants refusing to say what had happened after the Scrimshaw Sailor arrived in the Kleinwelt system; Interstellar Expeditions learned that each of the Scrimshaw Sailor's DropShips had landed in a different region of the planet, although each had landed in a temperate and agriculturally productive region. The planetary capital was a bustling frontier city with a population of some ten thousand souls - approximately forty percent of the total population - and was named Marian's Folly, after the renamed DropShip which had been grounded and formed the center of the settlement, as well as a source of industrial production, converting mining equipment that had been left behind during the evacuation of the planet into basic industrial equipment.[1]


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