Marsden Coup

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[Aug 2375] Robert Marsden, leader of the Protectorate of Donegal, announces claims of double-dealings by co-op leaders, Kevin Tamar of the Tamar Pact and Thomas McQuiston of the Federation of Skye, claiming sole leadership of the new Lyran Commonwealth for himself. Many riots occur across most settled worlds. On Skye, a militant faction calling itself the Skye Independence Army battled Loyalist Militia to Marsden. In one engagement in New Glasgow City, Marsden Infantry were being pinned down by rebel Skye Independence Army Armored Vehicles. Armed with anti-armor rockets, the Marsden Infantry put up a hail of missile fire by human waves, one wave firing off their projectiles, then falling back, as another line of rocketeers waited for the previous line to clear their line of fire. Loyalist troops were falling back to the outskirts of the city. If not for the timely arrival of Marsden VTOLs armed with their own rocket pods, the rebels would have taken city.

[23 Sept 2375] On nearby Skondia, a rebel faction called `Skye First!' hears of the Skye Independence Army's uprising. They immediately activate themselves, breaking open weapons caches. Amongst the free-for-all of riots, this organized group advanced on Platinum City. The Marsden-loyal Skondia Militia recognizes this approaching group as more than just rioter rabble. A Militia Lieutenant takes charge of his section and organized his troops for the meeting engagement. The rebels thought a massed charge of yelling and firing would create panic among the defenders. With civilian rioters behind them and `Skye First!' rebels charging their front, the Lieutenant moved quickly among his men, shouting encouragement, trying to keep morale and discipline high as he added in his own assault rifle's firepower. The rebels charged the defenders' lines and were relentlessly cut down by heavy machinegun, mortar and rifle fire. The rebels quickly retreated instantly realizing their folly. The rebels tried a second time later that evening, backed up by their only heavy weapon, a light artillery cannon. The artillery crew, former Loyalist Militiamen, knew well the defensive locations of Platinum City, and easily zeroed in on current militia positions. The chaos of incoming artillery combined with careless rioters and charging rebels firing indiscriminately broke the Loyalists' resolve. Groups of three and four troops fled at a time, ignoring the LT's demands to return. A Skondia Militia scout VTOL came upon the rebel artillery by chance, immediately relaying its location. A few hardy militia troopers moved out, catching the artillery crew by surprise and silencing the cannon. The LT rallied his troops, confronting the rebels and destroying their organization.

[Dec 2375] Robert Marsden formerly declared first Archon.