Martin Graff

Martin Graff (????-3028) was the name of a MechWarrior, employed in 3028 by the Gray Death Legion mercenary unit, who betrayed the Legion as part of a plot by Lord Garth, Duke of Irian and renegade ComStar Precentor Rachan to either acquire or destroy the Star League memory core located on the planet Helm.


Graff was a captain in the 5th Marik Guards when he was approached by Rachan and involved in the Helm plot.

Involvement in Sirius V incident[edit]

Killing two infantry guards, Graff furthered the plot by Lord Garth and Rachan by clearing a secret route for (what could be considered) special-ops forces belonging to Lord Garth. These forces placed an unknown number of explosive devices in the domes of the Sirius V city, Tiantan.

Actions on Helm[edit]

Tiantan was destroyed shortly after, and Graff continued his service with the Legion as it returned to its landhold on the planet Helm. His subterfuge was later discovered by Gray Death commander Grayson Carlyle, when he reported a blown coolant seal on his BattleMech, an Assassin, using the excuse to gain entry to the DropShip Phobos during combat. Once inside the DropShip, Graff killed many members of the ship's crew and by threatening to remotely trigger the destruction of the other DropShip, the Deimos, gained control of both for Lord Garth and Rachan. The two DropShips were later freed by Legion forces, and despite Graff's efforts, the Legion gained possession of a copy of the Helm Memory Core, a three-century-old computer containing many Star League-era secrets, ranging from improving crop production to the design of all sorts of technology, equipment and military hardware.

Death on Helm[edit]

Graff died during the fighting on Helm just before the Legion's discovery of the Star League cache of lostech and its computer memory core, in late March, 3028. The exact date of Graff's demise is unknown.