Matsuhari Toranaga

Matsuhari Toranaga at the age of 56
Matsuhari Toranaga
Born: 3089[1]
Affiliation Draconis Combine[1]
Gunji no Kanrei of the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery[1]
Parents Saburo Toranaga (adoptive)[1]

Matsuhari Toranaga (b. 3089[1] - d. 3???) was the Warlord of the New Samarkand Military District and later the Gunji no Kanrei for Coordinator Yori Kurita.

Character History[edit]

Grew up on the streets of New Samarkand since he was seven. His parents, being a part of the middle class, had nothing to give to Matsuhari or any way to ensure he could survive. In order for the young Matsuhari to survive, he had to learn how to pickpocket. He did that for three years until he was caught by the authorities. Instead of spending the rest of his life in a prison, Saburo Toranaga took pity and formally adopted Matsuhari.[1]

With the help of Saburo, Matsuhari was able to gain entrance to the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy where he graduated with honors. He was assigned to the Genyosha where he saw action against both the Raven Alliance and Clan Ghost Bear forces. Matsuhari believed that they were not challenging forces and began to get restless at the lack of true enemies. He transferred his anger to Coordinator Vincent Kurita who he swore that one day he would eliminate the current ruling family.[1]

In 3129 while serving as Warlord Toranaga was the target of an assassination attempt while he was on the planet Kaznejoy. The role played by battle armor troops equipped with Kishi suits in foiling the assassination attempt and saving Toranaga had the effect of taking an already successful form of battle armor and sealing its popularity with the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery.[2]

The chance that he was looking for came when he found out about the lineage of Yori Sakamoto and her blood right to the Dragon Throne. Matsuhari began grooming her for many years; which all of his plans came to fruition when Vincent Kurita and his blood line were killed off in various methods. That allowed Yori to take the surname of Kurita and sit upon the throne.[1]

With his prodigy on the throne of the Draconis Combine, he used his influence to promote himself to Gunji no Kanrei where he prepared for the invasion of the Federated Suns. His planning became even more important when the Nova Cats rebelled; due to his meticulous planning for an invasion, they were able to quickly quell the rebellion.[1] Toranaga's focus returned to planning an invasion of the Federated Suns, one that would prove to be perhaps the most successful DCMS offensive since the First Succession War.[3]


  • Amongst his other actions Toranaga is also notable for being the individual responsible for ordering that Shiro-class BattleMechs were only to be piloted by DCMS MechWarriors of acclaim and honor[4] following the Shiro's introduction to service in 3135.


Preceded by
Warlord of the New Samarkand Military District

Succeeded by
Angmar Kyuzu
Preceded by
Kiyomori Minamoto

Succeeded by


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