Budgie's Bane

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Budgie's Bane
Vessel Profile
Previous names Mattlov's Pride
Type JumpShip


The Mattlov's Pride was a Clan Jade Falcon transport JumpShip. Its exact type is not specifically mentioned. An image associated with its capture clearly seems to depict an Odyssey-class vessel, but it was reported elsewhere that this class was not used by Clan Jade Falcon.[1][2]

The Mattlov's Pride was attacked and captured on 15 November 3057 by a coalition of pirates, some of them covert Explorer Corps teams, under the overall leadership of Explorer Corps agent Samuel Reynes.[3] Reynes' "privateer" band claimed the ship and renamed it Budgie's Bane.

Clan Jade Falcon subsequently maintained a strict security around their transports, typically escorting them with WarShips and assault DropShips and also securing the general area of their shipping routes with search-and-destroy missions.[4]

The reason behind capturing an intact Clan JumpShip was that the Explorer Corps hoped to examine its navigational database and perhaps even determine the location of the Clan Homeworlds. However, the trip to a Explorer Corps facility anti-spinward of the Rim Collection was complicated as Reynes' navigator ultimately had to manually enter jump coordinates from his charts into the navigation system. Even though the Clan navigation system was eventually removed from the vessel for study, its encryption remained unbroken and has stymied all efforts at analysis.[3]


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