Vessel Profile
Type "Transport"


The Maverick was a spaceship of unspecified type, in service to Clan Wolverine as of 2824. It was described as a "Transport", and from the context would have been either a JumpShip, or a military transport WarShip (such as the Carrack, Volga, or even Potemkin class).

When Clan Wolverine attempted to secede from Clan culture and return to the Inner Sphere the Maverick was among the ships of their fleet. It was immediately attacked and reportedly crippled at the zenith jump point of the Barbados system when the Clans' Grand Fleet caught up with the Wolverines at Barbados and vanquished them.[1]

The exact fate of the crippled Maverick was not mentioned, and it is unknown if it was salvaged, or left to drift at the jump point (like the Rickenbacker), or scuttled (like the Wolverine vessels in orbit around Barbados that were crashed on the planet).


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