McIntyre House Guard

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McIntyre House Guard
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Balance of Power
Parent Formation
Formed 3041


The McIntyre House Guard were formed because of devastating infighting between various factions of the Federation's other military force, the Black Warriors.[1] They were able to defend against the Warriors and protect the people and industrial sites on Circinus. They also defended the world from a joint raid by the 6th Orloff Grenadiers and the Timbuktu Theater Militia in 3058.[2]

When the Marian Hegemony invaded the Federation, the House Guard countered VI Legio's arrival on Blantleff. Equipped with heavier machines provided by the Word of Blake the House Guard was able to drive the Legion out of the system. Between the Word of Blake's assistance and salvage taken from the Marian invasion, the unit was able to add a battalion of additional heavy and assault 'Mechs.[3]

After the Black Warriors left the Circinus Federation in late 3067, the House Guard was the only defensive force left to the Federation.[1] Trainees who were assigned to the House Guard usually went through training with the Black Warriors first; If they failed, they were assigned to the House Guard. The House Guard typically operated in battalion sized formations and didn't integrate their supporting units under the company level. They mostly used heavy and assault 'Mechs, usually older models from the Free Worlds League and Lyran Commonwealth. They also used mechanized infantry, tanks, and hovercraft.[4]


Between 3064 and 3067 the commanding officer of the House Guard unit is Colonel Jenna Lawrence.[2][5]


The Guard is specialized in static defense tactics, used 'Mech sized traps and other gimmicks from this spart.[2] They were intended as the shield to the Black Warriors sword, so this makes sense.[6]

Composition History[edit]

3064 to 3067[edit]

McIntyre "A" Battalion (Battalion/Regular/Fanatical)[2][5]

- The unit fields a separate command company.

McIntyre "B" Battalion (Battalion/Regular/Fanatical)[2][5]

  • CO: Major Suzanne Ware

- The unit fields mostly heavy and assault 'Mech designs.

McIntyre Wings (1 Wing/Regular/Fanatical)[2][5]

  • CO: Major Adam Calabrese

- The Wing is split in space and air duties, the half of the unit is a mix of light and medium fighters.

McIntyre Armored Cavalry (Battalion/Regular/Fanatical)[2][5]

  • CO: Major Dwayne Alvarez

- The unit fields a mix of medium and heavy tanks, and two lances of fast hovercraft.

McIntyre Militia (Reinforced Battalion/Regular/Fanatical)[2][5]

  • CO: Major Jonathan Kropa

- The unit fields a Mechanized Infantry Platoon.


In 3067, when defending in a scenario, the House Guards may either deploy up to half their force using Hidden units rules, or may set up a defensive measure in up to twenty hexes. Each hex can only have one defensive measure, which includes (but isn't limited to) vibrabombs, conventional minefields, or artillery strikes.[7]


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