McRae Quik Construct

Green Star Corporation

Formerly an independent company, McRae Quik Construct is the civil and commercial construction division of Federated Suns based Green Star Corporation.[1] [2]

Company Profile[edit]

New Avalon Stock & Commodities Symbol: MrQC [1]

Home Office: New Dallas, McRae[1]

President/CEO: Countess Roberta Yeslers (Circa 3025)[1]


Created shortly after First Prince Hanse Davion started urging the people of the Federated Suns to colonize new planets and invest in the resource rich worlds near the Federated Suns/Periphery border, Outback based McRae Quik Construct developed an extremely popular line of lightweight yet durable prefabricated housing to meet the needs of the many citizens who took up the Prince's call. The company planned to pour the windfall of this success into expanding into city planning and heavy construction to situate themselves as the natural choice to replace their temporary buildings when they wore out with more permanent structures.[1]

Suffering from a series of scandals in the wake of the Clan Invasion, McRae Quik Construct was acquired by the expanding Green Star Corporation in 3057, its new parent company expanding McRae with much-needed heavy construction equipment and providing it with near-monopoly construction and engineering contracts for all Green Star administrated operations.

One of the many civilian companies to step up to RetroTech BattleMech production during the Word of Blake Jihad, McRae's New Ivaarsen facilities manufactured primitive versions of the respectable Dervish to fill holes in the desperate AFFS and planetary militias. As the Jihad wound down with the conclusion of Operation SCOUR, it was predicted the FedSun government would order a halt to such RetroTech production by the end of 3079. [3]


McRae Quik Construct has manufacturing centers on the following planets:

New Ivaarsen[edit]

Components produced on New Ivaarsen: [3]
Component Type
Dervish [3] Medium BattleMech


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