MechCommander (Video Game)/Exterminate Clan Presence

Exterminate Clan Presence[edit]





1. Seek and Destroy all Clan ‘Mechs

Your primary objective is to search for and eliminate eight Clan ‘Mechs in the area.

We’ve had token forces harassing the Binary of Clan OmniMechs Captain Nairn successfully isolated, and have reduced their number by two. Now’s the time to finish the job. The destruction of those Clan Warriors will deal a devastating morale blow to the enemy and deny the Clan their best MechWarriors in defense of the Starbase.

Be advised that Clan forces are already en route to Chresbute, and will undoubtedly drop rescue forces very soon. We have only a small window of opportunity, so quickly search and destroy.

Intelligence reports that the Clan Warriors have been ordered to dig in and await extraction and not to take on any approaching Inner Sphere force in a direct confrontation. Apparently, the Smoke Jaguar commanders fear that the Starbase will be under-defended without them. Expect guerrilla tactics from the enemy.

Tactical Warning[edit]

  • All Clan pilots are highly skilled Elite Clan Warriors