MechCommander (officer)

The MechCommanders are a profession within the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth.


They guide and command units of up to several Lances in strength. However, in contrast to all other officers, they do so from afar.

MechCommanders work at a computer console in a DropShip. With a complex C3-technology, they are able to watch after every detail of their unit, like weapon and pilot status, ammunition, armor, etc. Additionally, they receive intelligence from cameras attached to the 'Mechs, their sensors, surveillance satellites and similar means and even TV-reporting. Even though they might not be trained Mech-pilots, they are skilled in warfare and know how to best use their unit in any situation.

Combining intensive training techniques that included the latest, top-of-the-line Command/Control/Communications and logistical software built by New Avalon Institute of Science, the AFFC had created an integrated suite of software that removed the logistical burdens of command. This allowed the MechCommanders, who directly controlled anywhere from a lance up to a company depending upon the mission profile, to see the whole picture of the battle they directed.[1]


MechCommanders were first deployed in 3060 during Operation Bird Dog in the conquest of Port Arthur. They were successful, but the military remained critical.[2]

In 3065 the Fourth Donegal Guards were equipped with MechCommanders for their assault on New Syrtis. The Commanding Officer of the Fourth was unsure of the worth of these officers and the actual number of Mech Commanders assigned to the Fourth is unknown. The Fourth Donegal Guards were outnumbered and beaten on New Syrtis, it is unknown how their MechCommanders fared.[3]


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