MechCommander 2/Vehicles

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Below is a listing of all non-Mech units in the game, with their specifications. They only loosely match their BattleTech counterparts. Some don't even have the same tonnage. Their tonnage really has no effect on the game though, and mostly serves as an indicator of relative size.

The accuracy of enemy vehicles increases considerably on higher difficulty settings.

MechCommander 2 Vehicle and Infantry Specifications[edit]

Name Mobility Tonnage Weapons Armor Speed (km/h)
Infantry Foot 1 Machine Gun Array 10 17
Power Armor Foot 5 Laser,
Streak SRM
20 34
Scout 'Copter VTOL 5 Machine Gun Array 40 119
Centipede Hover 15 Large Laser 35 97
AeroSpotter Tracked 20 Large Laser 170 54
Harasser Hover 20 2 Streak SRMs 33 86
Hunter Tracked 25 3 LRMs 38 86
Scimitar Hover 25 2 Flamer Arrays 45 86
Troop Transport Tracked 25 none 65 54
Minelayer Tracked 30 225 54
Attack 'Copter VTOL 35 Medium Autocannon 77 86
Hetzer Wheeled 40 Heavy Autocannon 50 54
Drillson Hover 50 8 Streak SRMs 108 65
Heavy 'Copter VTOL 50 4 Streak SRMs,
2 Pulse Lasers
135 65
LRM Carrier Wheeled 50 5 LRMs 32 54
Swarm LRM Carrier Wheeled 50 5 Swarm LRMs 32 54
Vedette Tracked 50 Medium Autocannon 54 65
Storm Tracked 60 2 PPCs 111 54
Partisan Tracked 80 4 Light Autocannons 137 54
Legion Tracked 100

The Harasser and Scimitar don't match their BattleTech equivalents at all, apart from being hovercraft. The Swarm LRM Carrier is simply an LRM Carrier using Swarm LRM ammunition. Swarm LRMs in MechCommander 2 work completely differently from Swarm LRMs in BattleTech. The Storm doesn't have a BattleTech equivalent. The rest are fairly close to their BattleTech equivalents.

Aero Spotters call in Shilone air strikes on your position.

MechCommander 2 Turret Specifications[edit]

Name Weapons Armor Description
Gun Platform 1 Machine Gun Array 1 A wooden lookout tower with a machine gun.
SRM Turret 3 Streak SRMs 25 Very common. Easily destroyed from range.
Autocannon Turret 2 Medium Autocannon 25 Fairly common. Medium range makes these more dangerous.
Large Pulse Laser Turret 3 Large Pulse Laser 25 Can cause a lot of damage. Only used by House Liao.
LRM Turret 4 LRMs 25 Long range and always arranged in groups.
Gauss Turret 1 Machine Gun Array 25 Very dangerous at long range. Only used by House Davion.
Long Tom Turret 1 Long Tom Cannon 30 Shots create an AoE explosion where they hit. Only used by House Steiner.