MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Bronze Anvil

--- Incoming Coded message ---

Kurultai GalxB_7th – Steel level clearance

- disseminate by need only -

The Battle of Broken Hope has ended.

The Wolves’ 16th Battle Cluster has retreated to the Kell Hounds’ underground base at Mt. Canarfon, NAV PI. Our aerospace fighters have found the base and pounded it to ruin. Their ‘Mech bay has collapsed, crushing most of their ‘Mechs inside. They have refused to surrender. Even now, the coward Dwillt Radick, his 16th, and his Inner Sphere cohorts, the Kell Hounds, are fleeing into the wastes.

  • Codename: Bronze Anvil
  • Planet: Morges
  • Terrain: Ice Rift
  • Time: Day

Go to NAV PI and inspect the fleeing convoy, and hunt the cowards, Radick and the Kell Hound staff. Identify Galaxy Commander Dwillt Radick’s ‘Mech and destroy it. Find the Kell Hound staff vehicles, and destroy them as well.

Bloody the talon of the Falcon, send the Wolf and the Hound to hell.


  • Primary: Identify and destroy Dwillt Radick’s ‘Mech
  • Primary: Identify and destroy staff vehicles
  • Secondary: Destroy all defending units
  • Return: Dustoff site: NAV RHO


Dwillt Radick is dead. The Kell Hounds and their base are no more. You have dealt a deadly blow to the Wolf, stabbing the heart of the Gamma Galaxy.

May the Wardens go to hell.