MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Defend on Chandler

Defend on Chandler[edit]


  • Planet: Chandler
  • Terrain: Desert
  • Time: Day
  • Temperature: 35 C

As you are not yet proven in front-line combat, you will remain with your DropShip, the Justice, to protect your only route of departure from the planet. Defend the Justice and destroy any enemy warriors who may attack.


  • Primary: Defend your DropShip
  • Secondary: Destroy all enemy ‘Mechs


General Tengwan heads the Second Sword of Light. He may have information about the ‘Mechs which attacked Ardoz. Protect the DropShip while your comrades search him out.


The 72nd Assault Trinary has been dispatched to Chandler, within the Draconis Combine, but near Ghost Bear territory, to seek out information regarding the unprovoked attack on Ardoz. While the experienced warriors of your Star will be in the field, you will stay behind to protect the DropShip. If you fail and the DropShip is taken, not only will you be doomed, but you will have destroyed your trothkin. Your superiors, who have been tried in battle, will venture onto the planet to seek out General Goshi Tengwan, leader of the Second Sword of Light, an elite regiment of the Combine’s finest warriors.


Justice: Justice to 72nd Guard. Draconis DropShip heading this way, bearing zero-three-zero.

Justice: Justice to 72nd Guard. IS battlesuits are carrying nukes! Keep them away from the DropShip!


En route to transport.


You have successfully defended your DropShip against the enemy ‘Mechs and Battle Armor, while your comrades sought information. They returned empty handed, discovering only that General Tengwan is in transit to a secured base.


In 2766, Takiro Kurita, then leader of the Draconis Combine, caused the Star League to be disbanded and Aleksandr Kerensky to be deposed as its leader. As we return to take back our rightful place as the leaders of the Inner Sphere, we will take pleasure in crushing the Draconis Combine, our most ancient enemy. Their theft of our founders’ genetic material proves their disdain for the Clan way. We shall show no mercy in finding the perpetrators of this atrocity and slaughtering them with the graceful ferocity of the Ghost Bear.

We are restrained in our attacks on the Draconis Combine by the truce that prevents us from invading the Inner Sphere. In 3052, ilKhan Ulric Kerensky arranged for the battle for Terra to be fought on Tukayyid, a proxy planet. The defending forces representing the Successor States were the ComGuards. The agreement held that, if the Clans, represented by the six Clans who had breached the Inner Sphere, were to take their 12 objectives on Tukayyid, Terra would be ours. If the ComGuards were successful in defending the planet, the Clans would not press the line of their advance towards Terra for 15 years.

This battle ended in a shameful defeat for the Clans. Only Clan Wolf took both of its objectives, and only Clans Ghost Bear and Jade Falcon took one of its objectives. The Clans forfeited their right to continue their holy mission to take back Terra.

If the Draconis Combine is responsible for the theft of the legacy of Tseng and Jorgensson, the Truce of Tukayyid holds us back from exacting vengeance. When we have proof, we must decide whether the truce will bind us after an affront of such gravity.