MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Destroy Orbital Platform

Destroy Orbital Platform[edit]


  • Planet: None: in orbit of Moritz
  • Terrain: DropShip/Orbital Platform
  • Time: N/A

You are on the DropShip Justice beneath the Crusader Wolf orbital platform. While you fight the Wolf units, four turrets on your DropShip will blow a hole through the hull of the platform. Jump through the hole, then follow NAV POINTS ALPHA, BETA, and GAMMA to the platform’s reactor. Destroy all enemy units and the reactor, which will detonate the platform, then escape before you are caught in the blast. You will gain more honor by destroying the ‘Mechs before the reactor.

Once again, your ‘Mech will be fitted with engineering jets to simulate a small amount of gravity.


  • Primary: Destroy the reactor at NAV POINT GAMMA


Khan Kabrinski: MechWarrior, this is your Khan! I exhort you to slaughter those who dare befoul our honor. Show no mercy.


Now that we have recovered our genetic material, we must punish the foul thieves. This act of vengeance will show the Clans that the Ghost Bear is once again ascendant, and that to face us means ruin. It will also appease all of us who want the Wolves’ extermination. You are fighting not just for yourself or for our Trinary, but for an entire race, from Khan Kabrinski to the lowest laborer. Sate our thirst for the blood of our enemies.

Intelligence has plotted the NAV POINTS based on plans for this class of carrier. They will lead you to the ship’s power source. When you reach the reactor, destroy it and evacuate immediately before the ship explodes with you inside.

This is the final battle of your long and arduous quest. Crush the Wolves with untempered rage and venom. Your actions this day will usher in the great era of the Ghost Bear.


72nd! Evacuate before the reactor goes critical!


Your quest is ended, MechWarrior. Your rage and fury have demolished the Wolves who threatened our destiny. On the Homeworlds, songs are being sung about you, the flashing claws and rending teeth of the mighty Ghost Bear.


Transmission: Khan Kabrinski: Your Clan owes you a great debt, MechWarrior. I present to you the Golden Claw, a medal of honor only given to warriors who have performed the utmost deeds of heroism. It is nothing but a trinket, but it symbolizes the gratitude of the Clan.


With the return of the genetic material of our founders, Clan Ghost Bear now stands alone at the head of the Clans. Clan Jade Falcon has been sorely weakened by the War of Refusal; the Wolves stand divided; the Diamond Sharks have all but disappeared from the Inner Sphere; the Smoke Jaguars and the Nova Cats have been depleted by petty border skirmishes; and the other Clans remain on the outskirts of the invasion. With the Wolf-Falcon War of Refusal resolved indecisively, the truce declared on Tukayyid still stands. Nine long years remain in that truce, which will allow the other Clans to rebuild, and the Inner Sphere to strengthen its defenses. In nine years, we will have lost the advantage we now hold. Do we wait for the Inner Sphere to be engulfed in flames at the hands of our brothers and sisters? This is the question that faces our Clan.

While we debate the future of the invasion, we must heed the words of The Remembrance:

Now is the time

To prove

What we know to be true:

That we shall conquer all.

-The Remembrance (Clan Ghost Bear), Passage 155, Verse 2, Lines 45-48