MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Jade Falcon Trial of Position Three

Report for Trial, [Star Captain/Nova Captain]

You are to engage in a Trial of Position in the Hazen Arena.

The Keshik has seen fit to entertain the possibility of your advancement in rank. You will prove yourself in combat against the nobles of foes, your brethren.

Phase One:

Engage and destroy the active Star of ‘Mechs to gain one rank and end Trial Phase One. Do not shoot any powered-down ‘Mechs or the Engagement Sphere unless you wish to try for another rank.

Phase Two:

If you so choose, upon the completion of Phase One, shoot the Engagement Sphere to engage a second Star of ‘Mechs. A victory in Phase Two will garner you another rank.

Trial Protocol:

Firing upon the Engagement Sphere at any time during Phase One constitutes a challenge and will result in an automatic escalation to Phase Two. Firing upon a powered-down ‘Mech in the arena at any time will be seen as a challenge to that MechWarrior, who will then attack you.


Failure at any time will strip all ranks gained during the trial and is grounds for demotion.

  • Current Rank: [Star Captain/Nova Captain]
  • Rank if victorious versus the Phase One Star: Star Colonel
  • Rank if victorious versus all combatants: Nova Colonel

“Decision by trial. Combat be the judge.”

Trial Concluded

You have displayed skill sufficient to acquire the rank of [Star Colonel/Nova Colonel]. The Keshik is pleased.

You are bound by honor to uphold the responsibility of your new post whatever the cost. Only death shall stay you from your given duty.