MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Silver Staff

- Incoming Coded Message -- Kurultai Instruction Follows -

- Decode Fang Protocol – GALxAlpha 327th: 3rd

- Disseminate by need only -

Our attack on Borealtown, capital of the planet Wotan, has stalled. However, Intelligence reports the enemy force to be weak in the city’s industrial sector. The area is being used by the enemy as a load-off point for munitions and general supply. Strike the area, interdict supply, and weaken the line. You are to coordinate with elements of the 37th Striker Cluster to hit strategic sites within the zone. This action is to be a quick drop-and-extraction. If you linger too long, reinforcements will destroy you, and your DropShip will not wait.

  • Codename: Silver Staff
  • Planet: Wotan
  • Terrain: Industrial Urban
  • Time: Dawn

You must destroy the chemical plant at NAV PHI and the airbase at NAV CHI. The 37th will hit the industrial plant at NAV PSI and the HPG processor at NAV OMEGA. If the 37th fails, you are to assume their objectives. They will do the same for you. If possible, destroy all opposition you encounter. Take care not to harm any structures containing munitions, as the Keshik intends to liberate as much weaponry as possible. When finished, proceed to NAV ALPHA for a dustoff. Your DropShip will leave after 15 minutes.


  • Primary: Destroy the chemical plant at NAV PHI
  • Primary: Destroy the airbase at NAV CHI
  • Secondary: Destroy the industrial plant at NAV PSI
  • Secondary: Destroy the HPG processor at NAV OMEGA
  • Secondary: Inspect likely structures for munitions
  • Tertiary: Destroy all enemy units in the city
  • Return: Dustoff site: NAV ALPHA


Your sweep was successful. Your targets are in ruins. Despite your victory, the situation at the line is growing worse.

Rest in the knowledge that the Keshik has taken note of your honorable actions.