MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Strike on Wolcott

Strike on Wolcott[edit]


  • Planet: Wolcott
  • Terrain: Forest
  • Time: Dusk
  • Temperature: 28 C

Your mission is to identify General Ano Rentoshi’s Hatamoto-Chi ‘Mech. Our intelligence places him in the vicinity of NAV POINT ALPHA. Destroy all other Draconis ‘Mechs and hunt down General Rentoshi for questioning.

The metal strips that the Draconis Combine forces used to block the Smoke Jaguars’ sensors are still present. You will have trouble targeting smaller enemy ‘Mechs.

Once again, you may choose a new ‘Mech for your missions in Smoke Jaguar territory.


  • Primary: Identify General Ano Rentoshi’s Hatamoto-Chi
  • Primary: Destroy all other enemy ‘Mechs


Proceed to Wolcott to seek out Rentoshi.


After the First and Second Genyosha’s victory against Clan Smoke Jaguar on Wolcott, they were transferred, and the First Sword of Light, “The Ivory Dragon,” replaced them. Like the ‘Mechs you faced on Chandler, these are the best equipped and best trained warriors of the Draconis Combine. Remember your holy mission to recover the genetic material of our Clan’s founders. In hunting down General Rentoshi, destroy those who defend him, but we need the General’s information, not his extermination. If you kill him, the trail of the Tseng and Jorgennson legacy will end.


Rentoshi: General Ano Rentoshi, First Sword of Light. Halt your assault. Repeat, halt your assault. I know a thing about the Draconis ‘Mechs you’re looking for. Return to your DropShip immediately, and I will transmit the information to you.

Star Captain Bekker: Neg, MechWarrior. Eliminate that Inner Sphere scum for the honor and glory of Clan Ghost Bear.

Rentoshi: You are an honorable warrior, Ghost Bear. As am I. I will now transmit the information.


General Rentoshi’s information leads us to believe that the Smoke Jaguars are behind the theft of our genetic material.


By sparing General Rentoshi, you found that the ‘Mechs used in the raid were lost in a failed attack on the Smoke Jaguar planet of Jeanette, in which the Jaguars kept the ‘Mechs as isorla. However, by defying Star Captain Bekker, you committed an affront to his honor. He has called for a Trial of Grievance.


The warrior must remember that, although carnage is his calling, he must also use judgement. This is the way of Clan Ghost Bear. We must temper fury with cunning.

By ordering you to kill the only man who held the secret to the return of our legacy, Bekker committed an act of treason against our Clan. Your decision was correct, but you have defied your commander’s orders, and now must defend your judgement in a Trial of Grievance.