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Though BattleMech cockpits vary in size and layout, they all share the same basic structure and components. Most 'Mechs share the same control layout, yet it still takes years of training to master control of the machine.[1][2]

BattleMech Cockpit views[edit]

The cockpit can divided into four quarters:

Included Items[edit]

There are various items included in a 'Mech's cockpit, listed below:[1]

  • Access Hatch and 'Mech Controls
  • Water Supply - Six liters of water are kept in a refillable container for the MechWarrior.
  • Food Storage - The MechWarrior has food rations for five days and chemicals to make any water drinkable.
  • Medical Kit - This includes a a standard Medipack.
  • IFF Transponder Bank - The system sends out a signal to tell all nearby units which side the 'Mech is on in an effort to prevent friendly fire.
  • Weapons Display and Status - The monitor includes various modes which can be cycled through that include the status of the 'Mech's weapons, armor, heat buildup, and more.
  • Communications System
  • BattleROM - The BattleTech equivalent of the real-world "Black Box" and "Event Data Recorder" devices installed on many vehicles, the BattleROM records and stores hundreds of hours of all sensor data from a 'Mech, from its internal and external sensors and communications.


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