Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Union


The Medea (misspelled "Meda" in its first listing on the unit's roster in 3055[1]) was a Union-class DropShip operated by the Gray Death Legion under one Lt. Zack Lee as of 3056.[2]

The Medea and her sister ship Io (a Leopard-class vessel) were noted to have taken heavy damage during a "recent" (as of 1 April 3056) raid against Clan Jade Falcon at Altair. The Io had been patched up with parts cannibalized from the Medea to be spaceworthy enough to be carried to Skye for badly needed repairs, and the Medea was slated to be sent to Skye once the Io had returned,[3] sitting in a repair berth at the Dunkeld spaceport on Glengarry.

Skye separatists attacking Glengarry landed at the Dunkeld spaceport on 7 April 3056, where an elaborate trap was sprung on them. The outmatched Gray Death Legion lured attacking BattleMechs into rallying at the crippled DropShip during a battle, at which point the Medea's hydrogen fuel cells were detonated, destroying the ship and the attacking force. The ship's demolition was left to Lt. David Longo, who was listed as captain of the DropShip Io at the time (which in turn was commanded by Ilse Martinez at the time, who normally commanded the Phobos); it was implied Longo had served on the Medea for years.[4]


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