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MediQuick Services
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MediQuick Services is a private company that provides medical equipment and supplies to worlds along the Free Worlds League's border with the Lyran Commonwealth. The company had three JumpShips and more than a dozen DropShips that moved from system to system and provided medical care. During the Succession Wars era, MediQuick wasn't known for the quality of their supplies and services, with some soldiers refusing treatment from MediQuick personnel. At the same time, MediQuick was known for a sales force that would use price-gouging tactics and profiteering activities. The company's CEO in 3025 is Martin and Wodruff "Duff" Hesse.[1]

Shortly after the start of the Clan Invasion, the existing board of directors was ousted by new leadership. The new leadership stopped the price gouging and profit-driven behavior of the company and re-focused it on saving lives. They also relocated their base of operations to assist refugees who were displaced by the Clan war. The group became the primary means for the Free Worlds League to assist Clan war refugees without causing political problems. In fact, the largest donor to MediQuick (now a charitable organization) is the Federal government of the Free Worlds League.[2]

MediQuick's re-focusing on charity allowed it to expand rapidly. In the fifteen years prior to 3067, the company's fleet increased to eleven JumpShips, nine hospital DropShips and fifteen cargo DropShips. Two of the JumpShips and hospital DropShips travelled through the Free Worlds League's less-developed worlds. The rest are sent anywhere the board of directors instructs. In 3067 most were in the Lyran Alliance and Federated Suns, though one JumpShip was in the Taurian Concordat.[3]


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