Melcher Food Corporation

Melcher Food Corporation Company Profile

Starting as the humble Melcher Meat and Animals Limited, the company expanded through ruthless expansion to become the despised Melcher Food Corporation [1] [2]

Company Profile[edit]

New Avalon Stock & Commodities Symbol: MMA (circa 3025) [1] MFCor (circa 3067) [2]

Home Office: Thousand Oaks Ranch, Melcher [1] [2]


Starting from a single ranch on the world of Melcher in the 2900's, by the early 3000's Melcher Meat and Animals Limited had expanded into the Federated Suns' largest supplier of meat, along with cattle, pigs, horses, Galax Beefalos, Brockway Goats and other animals. These animals were raised on the company's 110 ranches across numerous worlds. The company's direction and culture changed forever with an extremely hostile takeover by Baroness Josephine R. Earwig in the 3020's, a takeover so hostile that the former owners turned their headquarters into a military stronghold and refused to leave; a company of troops and BattleMechs from the planet's militia were forced to evict them by force. [1]

The Earwig family then tore into the shattered company with a succession of brutal layoffs and reorganizations, separating almost half the workforce, but ultimately consolidating operations and increasing profits. The company poured the capital gained into purchasing the assets of the collapsed New Valencia Agriculture Company, as well as staging aggressive takeovers of Kimball's Aquaculture and Palmyra Petrochemicals. Despite its brutal reputation, due to its aggressive business strategies and near constant clashes with its labor force, Melcher Food continues to expand in part due to several long term government contracts. [2]

The company's CEO in 3025 was Baroness Josephine R. Earwig, [1] in 3067 the position was held by Count Alexandar Earwig [2]


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