Melissa Nin

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Melissa Nin (Born 2804 – Died 2845) was the wife of Marcus Steiner and became Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth upon his death. At five months, her reign was the shortest in Commonwealth history, after Claudius Steiner deposed and executed her.[1]


[edit] Character History

[edit] Marriage and Children

Melissa was married to Marcus Steiner, but produced no children before his death, leading to her assumption of the Archonship.

[edit] Archonship

When Marcus slipped into a coma from a particularly virulent strain of meningitis in 2843, Melissa had not produced a heir and her husband had not appointed a successor, triggering an immediate power struggle in the Commonwealth for the position of Archon. Melissa believed she should become Archon-Designate while Marcus's younger brother Claudius automatically assumed the Archonship should be his, sending a brief and threatening communique to Tharkad that there was no doubt it should pass to him. The decision was left to the Estates-General, which ultimately selected Melissa despite her lack of political experience and Claudius's open threat, confirming her as Archon-Designate in December 2844. When Marcus died only a few short months later in early 2845, Melissa took the throne immediately. [2]

[edit] Death and Legacy

Her reign lasted a mere five months before Claudius staged a coup in September 2845, dropping units loyal to him onto Tharkad City and defeating elements of the defending 3rd Lyran Guards. After taking control of the capital, Claudius publicly executed Melissa Nin and Speaker of the Assembly for the Estate General's support of her, disbanding the body indefinitely.

Bloodthirsty, sadistic and cruel, Claudius accepted no opposition to his will or rule, focusing on consolidating his control of the Commonwealth and eliminating his internal enemies to the exclusion of external threats such as increased activity along the Draconis Combine border, losing valuable worlds and units. [2]

[edit] Positions

Preceded by
Marcus Steiner
Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth

Succeeded by
Claudius Steiner

28452845Marcus SteinerLyran Commonwealth

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