Melissa Steiner (Individual Fox-class WarShip)

Melissa Steiner
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Fox


Launched at some point after 3062[1][2] and before 3067, the Melissa Steiner either survived the devastating FedCom Civil War or was constructed in the aftermath, and was one of four Fox-class corvettes in service with the Lyran Alliance in 3067. Serving alongside the Melissa Steiner were the LAS Katrina Steiner, LAS Robert Kelswa and LAS Robert Marsden while two additional Foxes, the LAS Ian McQuiston and LAS Katherine Steiner, were in construction and expected to enter service in 3068.[3]

The Melissa Steiner was destroyed in 3070 during Operation STEEL HAMMER, the Word of Blake campaign to capture important Lyran Alliance industrial worlds. Following a series of raids conducted from 3068 onwards by the Sixteenth and Twenty-second Divisions the Blakists launched a full invasion of Hesperus II in 3070. The invasion force consisted of the Thirty-eighth Division and the Fortieth Shadow Division, escorted by a reinforced Level II of Pocket WarShips and the Lola III-class destroyer WoBS End of Wisdom; the Blakist naval forces overwhelmed and destroyed the Melissa Steiner, effectively blockading the Hesperus system, before launching their full ground invasion of the planet.[4]



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