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Lieutenant General Menlo Drews commanded the 3rd Defenders of Andurien regiment as of 3025, a unit known for being a rabid supporter of Dame Catherine Humphreys of Andurien and a detractor of House Marik.[1]

He was still in command of the unit during the Andurien/Canopian invasion of the Capellan Confederation, and last mentioned berating his own troops for their sluggish response to attacks by Capellan mercenaries on Palladaine in March of 3031.[2] His ultimate fate is unknown.


Menlo Drews is mentioned as a minor character in several canonical sources, where he is listed as the regimental commander of the 3rd Defenders of Andurien.

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His character is expanded upon in the (apocryphal) German novel Karma, set in 3028 at the onset of the Fourth Succession War, where he appears as a minor character (spelled "Menko" Drews in the single instance where his first name is mentioned in the novel):

Lieutenant General Drews, also known as the Silver Lynx among his troops, is loyal to House Humphreys of Andurien over House Marik, and he is highly critical of the Concord of Kapteyn which he feels "cut our balls off" and amounts to "a paranoid, a coward and a runner amok banding together".

Vela Drews, his only child, has a strained relationship with her father. Her crippled foot, a birth defect, prevented her from becoming a MechWarrior or soldier. She has begun a career in the intelligence branch instead and has risen to the rank of Colonel with SAFE, reporting directly to the chief of information gathering. Her attention was recently drawn to the Capellan world of Niomede-4 because the Duke of Sax detached Warrior House troops to guard the worthless planet. She has since inserted a SAFE agent there and confirmed the existence of a secret research facility.

Drews summons his daughter to a meeting on Shiro III on 31 August 3028, having heard about the outbreak of the Fourth Succession War two days ago. He reminds his daughter that she, too, is of Andurien descent and that the Capellan Confederation still holds former Andurien worlds. Reasoning that the Confederation is bound to crumble anyways, he convinces her that the interests of the Duchy of Andurien are best served through a strike that might provoke House Liao to attack the Free Worlds League. Dame Catherine Humphreys knows nothing of his plans; Drews is convinced that he is acting in her best interest if she can deny any responsibility. At her father's urging Vela Drews uses the agent to provide jump data for Pirate Jump Points, and Menlo Drews sends Skribtschak's battalion of his 3rd Defenders of Andurien regiment from their garrison post on Sadurni to attack Niomede-4, setting in motion the events that form the novel's story.

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