Meriadoc’s Malcontents

Meriadoc's Malcontents
Unit Profile (as of ????)
Disbanded 3034 (destroyed)

Meriadoc's Malcontents were one of several small mercenary units hired by Duke Selvin Kelswa III to fight on Kandis in the Ronin Wars by the pro-Lyran Commonwealth faction on the world. They were rated as a green unit with questionable loyalty, and D-rated (i.e. poor) equipment;[1] their leader piloted a Banshee.[2]

Deployed on Kandis in May 3034,[1] they fought alongside the Dragonslayers against the 1st Shin Legion when the latter were sent by the Draconis Combine to support the fledgling Free Rasalhague Republic goverment on Kandis. Following the surrender of the Dragonslayers, the Shin Legion pinched the Malcontents and destroyed them to the last man in July 3034. They refused repeated calls for surrender because of a contract clause that would forfeit their equipment to Duke Kelswa if they surrendered to Republic or Combine forces, and were thus destroyed to the last man.[1][2]

It was noted that the reinforcements to Kandis on both sides of the conflict consisted mainly of small, lance-sized mercenary units, suggesting this description would be accurate to Meriadoc's Malcontents.[3] However, no detailed description of their unit size or composition was given.


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