Michael Ryan

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Michael Ryan

One of the few officers of non-Japanese decent to command a Draconis Elite Strike Team, Michael Ryan (born 3028[1] - died 3???) was the overall commander of DEST forces assigned to Task Force Serpent.


Early Life to Clan Invasion Era[edit]

Born on the Proserpina Prefecture world of Junction, Ryan applied for and was accepted in the Sun Tzu School of Combat. Excelling in the school's halmark of coordinating disparate military forces and formations, Michael graduated in 3050 and immediately submitted an application to the Internal Security Force for acceptance into the Draconis Elite Strike Team school on Pesht. Attaining an excellent record of cooperation, leadership and determination, Michael graduated in 3054 and was assigned to DEST Two, serving with distinction as assistant team leader on numerous operations against Clans Smoke Jaguar and Nova Cat.[1]

In August 3057, Ryan was promoted to Tai-i and designated the leader of the newly formed DEST Six, [1]surviving the loyalty inquiry after Coordinator Theodore Kurita's assassination attempt in 3058. He and DEST Team Six were later chosen to escort the Coordinator to the First Whitting Conference on Tharkad.

Task Force Serpent[edit]

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A competent officer and imaginative field commander, Ryan's natural abilties to integrate his training in both conventional and non-conventional warfare made him a natural choice for the Coordinator select to command the DEST elmenents assigned to Task Force Serpent, promoting him to Sho-sa.[1]


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