Michael Searcy

Michael Searcy
Also known as "Stormin" Searcy
Died: 22 August 3062 (likely)
Affiliation Blackstar Stables
Arena fighter

Michael Searcy was a Federated Commonwealth soldier before becoming a Solaris VII MechWarrior. He gained fame as a Federated Suns affiliated champion, utilizing his great media savvy and excellent fighting skills to enhance his image.

Character History[edit]

Searcy was a FedCom Mechwarrior, who washed out of the AFFC on New Canton after the Free Worlds League's invasion of 3058. He was charged with cowardice, and a court-martial found him guilty for his actions being discharged from service because of other-than honorable actions.[1] In 3059 he desperately left for the gaming world of Solaris VII. There he felt he could start over again and become a Solaris Champion. He soon became the first Mechwarrior of the Blackstar Stables, owned by Drew Hasek-Davion.

Career on Solaris VII[edit]

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Michael fought his way to be one of the top gladiators on Solaris VII making a name from himself in the process.[1]

On August 15th, 3062 he was to fight for to the title of Grand Champion. However, the fight against his opponent Victor Vandergriff turned into open warfare within Solaris City when the city's respective faction-divided stables began fighting one another. The Black Star Stable became the de facto leader of the battle against the Loyalist/Katrina Steiner-Davion stables.

The rioting started when the safety systems of the Steiner Coliseum failed, allowing Searcy and Vandergriff's 'Mechs to fall into the stands. The fighting continued and eventually broke free of the stadium and into the streets.[2]

Searcy later realized he was being used by his manager, Drew Hasek-Davion. On the advice of a close friend, he drew the feuding factions together in an attempt to put an end to the constant riots.

Finally, on August 22nd, Searcy and Vandergriff finished their duel. It ended in a draw, with the apparent death of Michael Searcy.[3] Both Vandergriff and Searcy were thought to have died in the conflict.[4]


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